Rodion Shchedrin is a renowned classic of art music and one of the most famous Russian composers, a two-time nominee of the Grammy Award and a recipient of numerous honors and distinctions. In 1988 when the 1000th anniversary of the Christening of Russia was celebrated, at the urging of his heart and following the dictate of his soul, he composed the score of The Sealed Angel. CANTUS has performed this work repeatedly and with resounding success during its concert tour in Switzerland. Now our dear listener here at home has the unique opportunity to experience this incredibly beautiful music. The image of the miraculous icon in the song by M. Leskov, identically titled, became a symbol of the imperishable artistic beauty, magic sublime strength of art. Famous song, sonorous chord texture, the effect of the temple acoustics and bell ringing – the immense richness of Rodion Shchedrin’s writing – the true sanctity of music. We look forward to seeing you! Berehovo, Roman Catholic Church, 19th of November, 12:00 Kiev time. Entrance is free.