We are honoured to announce the next event from the series “Open-Air Lectures”. If you do not take part, you can listen to it only recorded. Because in this event, the quaity of the sound is essential while livestream would never be able to provide the expected quality of music. You are welcome to Evening of Music.

The evening must be spectacular, just look at the program and quest speakers:

“Interpretation of Music of the Past by Modern and Authentic Music Instruments”

“Sacred and Secular Music of Renaissance”

Now more about who or what is behind the scenes. The series of cultural-educational events at Vynnychna street, 13 – is a private initiative of the owner of this beautiful garden Peter Sarvash, a prominent architect of Uzhhorod, a public figure in cultural heritage protection field. It is assisted by Uzhhorod Modernism and ANKON project group, and held without the support of any grant, sponsorship or official institutions. We are motivated to share with you knew cultural knowledge and inspiration in the time when we all need it.

The event is free of charge; the speakers give their presentation for free, in this way they contribute to the B13 project, there are some financial contributions from the guests.

Share this news with your friends! We are grateful to everyone for your support and interest!